Two for Others Tuesday: Spinning Book-shaped Plates

Wait, before I forget, please take 4.2 seconds to vote in my Lent 2013 Challenge Poll?  Should the challenge be…


Thankee.  And now, on with the show.

I ❤ free clip art!

Right now I’m in the process of reading not one but two books of fiction.  Impressive, no?  Actually, I probably should’ve written, “Impressive, eh?” in honor of both books being from Canadian house Full Quiver Publishing.  The first book of theirs I’m reading is Emily’s Hope by Ellen Gable Hrkach.  I’m not far into Emily’s Hope quite yet, but what I’ve read is keeping me looking forward to the moment I get back to it. I met Ellen at the Catholic Writers Guild conference last month.  I love her mission of illustrating Church teaching through story rather than just arguing about it.  I heard someone on Catholic radio recently say that we’re not going to win anybody with arguments; we’re going to win them with love.  Wait… was that Catholic radio or Father Barron on Catholicism?  I’m confused.  I guess that’s what I get for spinning plates.  But don’t let that stop me!

I’m also about one-third of the way through Angela’s Song, the debut of author AnneMarie Creedon.  “But Mrs. Mackerelsnapper,” you say, “Angela’s Song doesn’t come out until next month!  How can you possibly be one-third through it already?” Ah, my dear, you see, when you go to the CWG conference, you come home with SWAG.  And by SWAG, I mean “stolen without a gun,” not anything of the gangsta realm.  Think pirate booty, not the other kind.  Anyway, loving Angela, especially since the author took a chance and wrote it in first person, present tense.  “Oh, the horror!” cry all the publishing gods.  The publishing gods are silly and have silly hang-ups.  This works for Angela.  Again, I can’t wait to get back to it.

Before I got sidetracked on my plate-spinning reality…

… I was trying to get to the mission of Full Quiver Publishing.  Outwardly, it’s about “Catholic teachings on sexuality and marriage.”  Really, though, all that means is that it’s about love–charitable love, selfless love, love that lasts beyond the present moment.  And if that doesn’t conquer hearts for God, then what possibly could?


About Erin McCole Cupp
Erin McCole Cupp is a wife, mother, and lay Dominican who lives with her family of vertebrates somewhere out in the middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania. Her short writing has appeared in Canticle Magazine, The Catholic Standard and Times, Parents, The Philadelphia City Paper, The White Shoe Irregular, Outer Darkness Magazine, and the newsletter of her children’s playgroup. She is a contributor to and has been a guest blogger for the Catholic Writers Guild. Her other professional experiences include acting, costuming, youth ministry, international scholar advising, and waiting tables. When Erin is not writing, cooking or parenting, she can be found reading, singing a bit too loudly, sewing for people she loves, gardening in spite of herself, or dragging loved ones to visitors centers at tourist spots around the country. Find out more about her novels and other projects at .

3 Responses to Two for Others Tuesday: Spinning Book-shaped Plates

  1. Jess says:

    I chose the food pantry plan, but only if it isn’t compromising anyone’s health.

    • Yeah, that’s kind of why I’m leaning towards the slow cooker, but it would be an interesting experiment. I wouldn’t go “food pantry” without talking to our pediatrician first. Thanks for voting!

      • Jess says:

        Food stamp budget, maybe? The problem I see with that is that many people who are cooking mostly from scratch and don’t live in high COL areas are already within a food stamp budget.

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